PhysioPol physiotherapy services
PhysioPol physiotherapy services


Medicine, and thus physiotherapy, is a very rapidly growing field, as new studies are being published which are the basis for the development of new approaches towards the rehabilitation of persons suffering from health problems. A physiotherapist must constantly deepen their knowledge and improve their education so as not to be left behind and improve the patients at the highest level, with the application of the most effective techniques and in accordance with the binding standards,. Their knowledge comes not only from books, articles, publications and practical experience, but above all from a participation in specialized postgraduate courses run by leaders in physiotherapy. During such courses they learn new approaches to rehabilitation and enrich their skills and techniques.


  •  Basic/ Advance/ Orthopaedic “PNF” [200h]
  •  Movement Solution A/B/C [120h]
  •  Oedema-Reduction Therapy Concept / Manual Lymphatic Drainage [90h]
  •  Functional Manual Therapy [90h]
  •  Structural osteopathy and gentle chiropractic, The Ackermann’s manual therapy [48h]
  •  Mobilization with movement, The Mulligan’s manual therapy, module A/ B [32h]
  •  Diagnosis and treatment of spinal pain syndromes with the "McKenzie" method, module A [28h]
  •  "Knee" – Examination and functional therapy of the knee joint [28h]
  •  Basic/ advance Kinesio Taping [28h]
  •  Integrated therapeutic techniques for soft tissues - trigger points [16h]
  •  Specialized Diagnostic and Therapeutic Techniques in the rehabilitation of the elderly [32h]
  •  Accredited course in Oriental and Ayurvedic massages [36h]
  •  Practical approach to the Sling Exercise Therapy (SET) in physiotherapeutic practice’ [8h]
  •  Band 5 study day, Lumbar spine [8h]
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