PhysioPol physiotherapy services
PhysioPol physiotherapy services

First visit & Fees:

Description of the therapeutic meeting:


The first visit is always a diagnostic one It lasts from 45 minutes to one hour. During that time I carefully interview the patient and I perform physical examination consisting of orthopedic, provocative and differentiating tests. After the examination, the patient is given a diagnosis and I explain to them the cause of their problems and describe the suggested course of the therapy. At the end of each visit the patient gets advice on how to properly perform given everyday or sports activities. The patient is also given an individual set of exercises allowing them to actively participate in the therapy and have an impact on their health condition. During the subsequent 30-minute sessions, the therapist performs a brief comparative study (pain score, range of motion, checking the strength and muscle tone), after which he starts to proceed with the hands on / off therapy. Typically, these techniques include hands-on manual therapy. The check-up meetings usually take place once a week (depending on the needs and goals, they may be more or less frequent). The number of visits required to solve a particular problem varies, depending on the complexity of the case and the duration of the dysfunction. Sometimes one visit is sufficient to solve the patient's problems, while in the case of an advanced disease, the rehabilitation process can take months. Most problems are resolved during 2-6 visits.


When using the services offered by the "PhysioPol" company, you can be sure that you work with a registered and certified specialist (HCPC registered), that the therapist is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy and is insured against the consequences of potential errors occurring during the therapy.


  • The cost of a diagnostic visit (45-60min):               £55
  • The cost of a follow-up visit (30min):                      £30



PhysioPol is a registered business activity and we issue VAT invoices.



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