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Ortho Applicances





Supply with orthopedic appliances covers all activities related to the selection, structure, adjustment and application of orthopedic equipment.


These appliances play an important role in the treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation of persons suffering from dysfunctions of the locomotor system, including those caused by an accident or stroke.

They perform the basic mechanical functions, supporting the body (sticks, three-leg stands, four-leg stands, elbow crutches, walkers, rolling walkers)


They correct deformities and improve stabilization of the upper and lower extremities (ortheses, braces, slings, collars, corsets, stabilizers, devices preventing hyperextension, orthopedic footwear).


They are used to improve the static-dynamic and functional conditions of persons suffering from dysfunctions in the area of upper and lower limbs and trunk. The application of orthopedic equipment in the process of rehabilitation can help improve the function through relief, stabilization, correction, as well as through the control of the movement of the joints. One of the basic principles of modern orthopedic appliances is to minimize the structure of any equipment, to significantly reduce its weight, while obtaining the best possible help in improving the function of a disabled person.

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