PhysioPol physiotherapy services
PhysioPol physiotherapy services

What I do?:

Rehabilitation of the musculoskeletal system

  •  Pain of the spine and peripheral joints (e.g. shoulders elbow, hand, hip, knee, ankle and small distal joints)
  •  Improvement in the case of work-related injuries
  •  Restricted mobility,
  •  Problems with movement


Orthopedic rehabilitation (e.g. conditions after the reconstruction of the ligaments, arthroscopies, knee, hip and shoulder replacement procedures, spinal pain, fractures, sprains, dislocations, post-traumatic conditions)


Neurological rehabilitation (e.g. after cerebral stroke, in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, damage to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves)


Sports rehabilitation (e.g. prevention of injuries, treatment of sport-related injuries, checking the effects of the applied training methods)


Geriatric rehabilitation (e.g. upright standing, maintaining the functional condition of the elderly)


Manual lymphatic drainage (post-traumatic/lymphatic edemas, conditions after surgeries and mastectomy)

Massage (classical, relaxing, isometric, sports, ayurvedic, lomi-lomi, Thai, chocolate)



  • Accurate and detailed examination and diagnosis through the implementation of orthopedic clinical tests, as well as functional and provocative tests
  • In the application of the manual therapy:

​​​                   - Articulations and oscillations within the spine

                 - Mobilization of soft tissues (muscles, ligaments, fascia, scars)

                 - Mobilization of joints (spinal and distal joints)

                 - Joint manipulations (popular "Setting / adjustment" of the spinal and distal joints)

  •  Re-education of compensation, i.e. reprogramming of the wrong movements in the joints (inhibition of incorrect movement patterns and enablement of the natural ones)
  • Programming of improvement, instructing the patients how to independently perform exercises and take preventive measures.
  •  Application of the Kinesio-Tape tapes and stabilization of the joints with stiff tapes
  •  Assistance in the selection of appropriate orthopedic equipment


I have my own equipment, which I use during the session (plinth, mat, EMS / TENS emitter, tape for kinesiology taping, straps and wedges for manual therapy, stiff tapes, thera-band rubber, togu, stepper, roller, set of sensory-motor  balls and pillows and massage oils)



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